Redefining company search

Discover any company with an intuitive and iterative 3-step process that leverages a multi-dimensional search algorithm and Generative AI.
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1. Prepare your blueprint

Cradles' multi-dimensional search algorithm will scan terabytes of data to identify relevant companies.

2. Describe your mandate

Generative AI will validate and further fine-tune your search.

3. Build your Cradle

Use the results of your Cradle to improve your blueprint.

Solutions for vertical software investors

Learn how to build a Cradle to find any vertical software company.
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Prepare your blueprint

Cradles employs a sophisticated multi-dimensional search algorithm that operates based on a blueprint of parameters categorized into foundations, features, identifiers, and barriers.

This structured approach offers a comprehensive representation of a niche market or specific mandate, enabling targeted and effective searches which can be further validated by Generative AI.
Purchase a premade parameter set
Cradles provides an extensive collection of parameter sets designed to assist in constructing blueprints for more than 70 diverse industries.

With each set containing between 50 to over 300 parameters, parameter sets are perfectly suited for developing detailed blueprints tailored to any niche within any industry.
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Use enrichment to generate parameters
Cradles' zero-retention enrichment services provide customers with a list of highly present parameters depending on the companies that have been enriched.

1. Enrich a set of companies from your target industry.
2. Identify relevant parameters based on their presence and use them to create a blueprint.
Build your own blueprint
Create your own blueprint from scratch by looking through alternative resources such as SEO rankings or existing industry classifications such as the GICS.

Describe your mandate

Cradles' Generative AI functionality enhances your company search process by cross-referencing up to five criteria specific to your mandate.

Some example criteria include:

1) Product type: "the business focuses on selling standalone software products or provides access to digital platforms" or "the business does not sell hardware or physical products" or "the company focuses on providing investment advisory or consulting services"
2) Customer industry: "the company focuses on selling products to customers in the construction industry"
3) Customer type: "the company focuses on selling products to other businesses (B2B):
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Build your Cradle

The analytics dashboard offers a comprehensive view of your Cradles, enabling you to:

1) Evaluate the impact of each parameter to understand its influence on the inclusion of a company.
2) Identify new parameters by examining the most present parameters among companies within your Cradle.
3) Refine your mandate by reviewing the number of companies that fulfilled each criterion.

Results not exactly lining up? Improve performance by enhancing your blueprint based on the results of your analytics dashboard or by purchasing a premade parameter set.

Companies in the correct industry but not meeting your mandate? Fine-tune your criteria to provide a clearer representation of your mandate.
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Try a different search mandate, identify more companies by building a larger Cradle, or expand your horizons with a different geography or company size.