Find your perfect fit.

Leverage Generative AI to identify hyper-relevant companies in seconds.
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Go beyond standard search

Cradles combines Generative AI with your knowledge and preferences to scan terabytes of data in seconds.

Stop overpaying for data

Forget thousand-dollar annual contracts with mandatory customer success or professional service attachments.

Plans start at just $22 per month.

Privately enrich your data

Unlock key data points for your existing datasets without the risk of competitors discovering your key prospects.

Solutions for vertical software investors

Learn how to build a Cradle to find any vertical software company.
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A vast universe at your disposal

Leverage terabytes of information on over 21M companies to find any company in any geography or industry .

Conduct competitive analysis, perform market sizing, and ensure you are at the forefront of every deal.
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Meet your Gen AI team

Cradles' Generative AI functionality enhances and refines your company search in alignment with your specific mandate.

Optimize your search by recruiting one of four virtual assistants, each equipped with the equivalent of hundreds of years of experience (despite being a few months old).

Custom Generative AI Solutions

Unlock the benefits of Generative AI with an enterprise solution.
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Your universe, your rules

Elevate your search beyond traditional industry classifications, keyword searches, or AI recommendations with Cradles' advanced multi-dimensional search algorithm and Generative AI functionality.

Cradles harnesses your industry knowledge to identify the most relevant companies that align with your mandate, ensuring a more targeted and effective discovery process.

Solutions for every scenario

Deal Sourcing

Source your next customer or investment.

Business Opportunities

Discover service providers or collaboration opportunities.

Competitive Intelligence

Identify competitors based on their mandates.

Upgrade your private data

Protect the investment you've made in your database and maintain your competitive edge by avoiding linking your data to a provider or uploading it to an enrichment service that might incorporate your valuable data into their platform.

Cradles provides a secure, zero-retention enrichment service, allowing you to enhance your data with crucial data points without exposing your key prospects to competitors.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Iterative improvement

Achieving precise search results and comprehensive coverage is an iterative process.

Utilize your Cradle dashboard to identify your most effective parameters, refine your mandate, and pinpoint areas for enhancement.

What Generative AI thinks of Cradles

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