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Unlock key company data points without losing your competitive advantage.
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Simple and effective

Simply upload a list of website domains to receive an enriched dataset with crucial company data.

Only 1 Credit per 1,000 companies.

Zero retention

All data is deleted from our systems within 24 hours or you can delete it immediately.

Discover parameters

Each enrichment job includes a list of parameters that are ideal for building a Cradle to find similar companies.

Simple and cost effective

Upload a CSV file containing company website domains to access Cradles' enrichment service, revealing essential data points like employee numbers, founding dates, social media profiles, locations, funding summaries, and website technologies.

Benefit from our efficient pricing: only 1 Credit for every 1,000 companies enriched, with no fees for duplicates or companies that cannot be enriched.
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Keep your data private

Cradles' enrichment service ensures utmost data privacy with a strict zero-retention policy, deleting all private enrichment data within 24 hours. Users also have the option to delete their data immediately after downloading their dataset.

For added assurance, simply re-enrich previously unfound companies after a few days or weeks to confirm that your data has not been stored or added to our platform.
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Discover new parameters

Each Enrichment provides an analysis of the presence of parameters among your uploaded companies. Use these parameters to build a Cradle to discover even more relevant companies.

Up to 5000 parameters are included with every Enrichment.

Due to our strict zero retention policy, these parameters are accessible solely through your Excel export file, preventing the use of the Cradles analytics dashboard for any re-download or review of your Enrichment information.
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